Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Halloween Costume OOTD

jeffrey campbell claw boots welsh mountains landscape
I guess it's a little bit late to be sharing Halloween costumes but I wanted to post these photos anyway. I did actually wear this outfit all day on the 31st (minus the boots as I was driving most of the day) and received a few compliments. I really love Halloween and dressing up and being able to wear things like this without getting funny looks.

welsh mountain landscape snowdonia white hair purple lipstick
welsh landscape snowdonia north wales mountains cape
blackmillkclothing ootd wiwt big black eye make up purple lipstick
black milk matte black catsuit jeffrey campbell claw boots
girl in field wearing all black on mountain top halloween
Black Chiffon Kimono - H&M  |  Black Catsuit - Black Milk Clothing  |  Claw Boots - Jeffrey Campbell

Monday, 17 November 2014

Autumn Favourites | Food & Beauty

zoella fizz bar batiste dry shampoo EOS lip balm the body shop

I didn't get around to doing an October favourites and it's almost time for November favourites so I'm just going to combine them into Autumn favourites. As you may or may not know I spent most of October in America where I inevitably discovered a couple of new treats!

dunlem metal storage draws floral pretty make up storage
I've been trying to sort and organise my room lately and that obviously meant I needed a cute new way to store my make up, I got the tin flower pot from B&M and the drawers from Dunelm, part of their Cream Floral Collection.

mince pies hersheys cookies & cream earl grey tea chocolate
So I may have been a little bit naughty and started on the mince pies as soon as I saw them in Tesco, I've definitely not been taking them for lunch everyday...
I already knew I loved Hershey's cookies and creme bars but the 100 Grand and Krakel bars were new to me and I love them, I think 100 Grand might be a new favourite in the American chocolate league.
Earl Grey tea has been a favourite of mine for a long time but I'm starting to drink more and more of it, I don't think I had any over the Summer but obviously Autumn is tea season. Perhaps it was the Earl Grey and lavender ice cream I had at Harry Potter World that sparked it.

zoella fizz bar batiste dry shampoo EOS lip balm the body shop
Deodorant might seem an odd thing to rave about but I've never used a stick deodorant before (I used to use aerosol but never liked the whole choking on it and un-environmentally friendly part of it and tried to switch to roll on but they always got stuck and didn't roll) and this is just fabulous, it does what it says and I even find it more effective than the aforementioned aerosol and roll ons.

I recently got a Body Shop loyalty card and got this face mask as a freebie with it, I really like it. The warming sensation it creates can be a little tingly but once you're used to it it's so nice and leave my skin ever so soft afterwards!

Batiste dry shampoo is nothing new to me, however once they brought out the Volume XXL one that's all I've used, but I do find it drys out my hair somewhat and makes it go into sections according to where I've sprayed it. I picked up the cherry one just because it was on offer and the Volume XXL wasn't and it has been a dream to use, I had no idea it was just the particular type of dry shampoo that made my hair a bit icky. I do miss the volume but I'm currently looking into hair mousse...

I'm sure everyone and their cat has already spoken about Zoella Beauty but I picked up the fizz bar as I thought it'd be fun, but it was much more than that. I only used a little bit but combined with my usual bubble bath it left my skin feeling super smooth and soft!

I was given an EOS lip balm a couple of Christmas' ago and loved it so when I went back to America I had to get some more. I just find them so nourishing and I love using them, because of the distinctive and rather large egg shape I never lose it in my bag or get it mixed up with other products like I do with stick lip balms.

Do you have any Autumn favourites? Leave me a comment!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

ELF Cosmetics Birthday Event

I went along to the ELF store's very 1st birthday party this week (just so happens the only store in Europe is 30 mins from my house). I really do like ELF products so I was quite excited to go along to this event. 

As always, the staff were lovely and we were greeted at the door and told to collect an envelope with our names on that we weren't allowed to open. We were then left to browse the shop and munch on the doughnuts provided, which were very yummy indeed. After around an hour we were told to open the open the envelopes which contained a couple of vouchers for local places and an offer of a free make over at the ELF store, a few lucky people (including my sister) had golden tickets inside theirs which meant they also won a little bundle of products. This more or less drew a close to the evening, I wasn't sure what quite to expect from the event but it was an enjoyable evening and I hope to go to more in the future. 

I didn't make any purchases that evening but I did take part in the lucky dip where I got the Clarifying Pressed Powder which I have yet to try out.

If you want to read more posts about ELF then go here for my reviews of ELF eye products, here for reviews on lip products or here for face product reviews!

Let me know if you're a fan of ELF and perhaps you could recommend a product to me, there's still loads I'd like to try!

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